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Smart Environment

Towards a cleaner, healthier ecosystem

In an era of rapid climate change, airborne diseases, increasing pollution, and morphing weather patterns, a Smart Environment adds predictability and control for better living standards of city residents. 

IoT-enabled Smart Environment equips the city to monitor air quality, emission, etc., by harnessing IoT sensor data. A smart city includes many sensor types, disparate data sources, and connectivity technologies. An effective intelligent environment solution needs to coalesce old and new technologies and infrastructure.

A feature-rich application framework helps you deploy intelligent Smart Environment features customized to your needs for any time, anywhere connectivity, insights, and lower TCO.

An effective intelligent environment solution needs to

01 Monitor ambient parameters

02 Effectively control city air quality

03 Respond quickly to mitigate environmental hazards

04 Coalesce old and new technologies and infrastructure

City & Communities

Building Smart Environment with N-Smart

N-Smart is a one platform solution for the government and public authorities to easily implement next-generation Smart Environment solution by harnessing the power of connectivity, analytics, and cloud-based centralized dashboards. N-Smart’s technology-agnostic architecture simplifies IoT integration. 

Key Feature &

Scalable infrastructure caters to disparate data sources

Centralized dashboards to monitor and control ambient parameters

SaaS model enables faster deployment and cost-efficiency

Enables time-sensitive response, decision-making, and unified strategy

N-Smart is a combination of modular cloud platforms and mobile apps that enable IoT solutions - delivered as a service.

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