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Smart Pier

The intelligent, secure hub for marine commerce

Piers are vital infrastructure in marine commerce. Yet, most piers suffer from inefficiencies resulting from suboptimal information flows. 

Smart Piers utilize IoT connectivity, sensor data, and advanced analytics for centralized oversight and intelligent decisions. Smart Piers encompass dock monitoring, managing containers, waste, emission and pollution, water, and the pier ecosystem's safety and security.

Smart Piers empower port authorities to automate processes and speed up transactions. The solution uses sensed data to improve logistics, productivity, operations, and port management.

Smart Piers empower port authorities to automate processes and speed up transactions.

Smart Pier benefits port users as well as the port authority:

01 Improves the quality and efficiency of pier operations

02 Enables container tracking 

03 Reduces energy usage and facilitates cost savings

04 Improves navigation and traffic flow

05 Minimizes environmental impact

Transportation & Logistics

Building Smart Pier with N-Smart

N-Smart is a one platform solution for port authorities to easily implement next-generation smart Pier solution by harnessing the power of connectivity, analytics, and cloud-based centralized dashboards. N-Smart’s technology-agnostic architecture simplifies IoT integration. 

A feature-rich application framework helps you deploy intelligent Smart Pier features customized to your needs for any time, anywhere connectivity, insights, and lower TCO.

Key Feature &

Centralized visibility and control of pier operations

Data-enabled value-added pier services

Reduce traffic congestion and energy usage

Improves pier operational efficiency and cost savings

Reduce pollution and environmental impact

Better informed decisions using insights from KPIs

N-Smart enables several Smart city solutions.

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