IoT as a Service

How easily can you monetize IoT?

We consistently hear from enterprises how complex it is to deploy, integrate, and manage IoT. IoT complexity takes time and focus away from their core business. Our complete suite of IoT solutions and out-of-the-box services addresses a critical gap in the marketplace to make IoT adoption easier.

Our IoT-as-a-service is single platform solution for enterprises around the globe to monetize IoT

01 Data Sensing

Capture Data Sensors and tags Storage

02 Communication

Focus on access Network, Cloud, edge Data transport

03 Data Analytics

Big Data Analysis AI and cognitive Analyst at the edge

04 Data Value

Analysis to Action APIs and processes Actionable intelligence

05 Human Value

Smart applications Stakeholder benefits Tangible benefits

06 Device connection

IoT devices IoT connectivity Embedded Intelligence

Experience the value of our

Fully-managed IoT

End-to-end support hardware, network, software, and data support. Enterprises no longer require in-house niche expertise to manage solution lifecycle intricacies.

Single vendor efficacy

Easier, less expensive, more practical to have management of devices, networks, and software bundled from a single player.

De-risk Deployment

Secure device on boarding, regular software updates, round-the-clock monitoring improve overall risk profile.

Accelerate Time-to-Market

Out-of-the-box solution shortens your blind and test cycles. Bundle with our connectivity offering to have network up and running immediately.

One platform – to implement any IoT use case.