Get Started Today with a Complimentary IoT Assessment


If your organization is facing challenges connecting IoT solutions, achieving optimal IoT solution performance, or yielding expected ROI, you may need guidance from a team of trusted IoT experts. Nivid is here to help.

If there’s a specific IoT problem you’re looking to resolve, the Nivid Team of Solution Architects is offering complimentary 60 minute assessments to help get your solution operating to its full potential. We’ll learn as much as possible about your IoT project in advance to make the use of your time as efficient as possible, and accelerate time-to-results. Schedule your assessment today for expert, objective advice from a Solution Architect on topics such as:

  • Application development and enablement
  • Network connectivity choices and wireless technologies
  • IoT sensors, gateways, and device design
  • Deployment, operational management, and support-related activities

It's time for an easier approach to IoT!


Kiran Yeddala

CEO, Nivid Technologies
When it comes to the IoT industry and cellular networks, we completely rely on KORE and fully trust them to keep us informed on current events, trends, and technologies