Smart Grid

Smart Inventory

IoT based Smart Inventory Tracking and Management Solution to track and monitor the assets and supplies in real-time, thus improving efficiency and productivity.

Managing and Monitoring Inventory

Energy Utitlity with 2 Million customers

(Missing Inventory and Assets)
more Labor Costs
$320K /year
Loss due to inaccurate inventory
(about 3 and a half days)/month
(Audits and reconciliation of Inventory)

N-Smart Inventory Management solution is an innovative solution developed by integrating RFID, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), and LoRa technologies with smart edge devices. This system provides real-time visibility of facility’s day to day supplies and vital assets like poles, crossarms, generators, and transformers. The solution offers significant benefits, such as operational optimization, enhanced resource allocation, and boosted efficiency, resulting in superior and well-coordinated facility management experience.


Increase Insights hence Productivity

Smart Inventory

Refine inventory management with state-of-the-art monitoring solutions

Adopt RFID, BLE, and LoRa technologies integrated with smart edge devices to refine your inventory management: 

  • Gain real-time insights into supplies and assets quantities for better planning. 
  • Effortlessly detect items needing reordering. 
  • Precisely monitor supplies and assets for efficient operations. 
  • Enhance resource management using data-driven utilization insights. 
  • Rapidly identify deprecating assets and supplies, mitigating facility disturbances.
  • Diminish manual reconciliation efforts and related costs.
  • Establish accountability on all the outgoing materials. 

Smart Inventory

Reduce Pilferage through next-gen smart inventory monitoring and alerts.

Attain seamless inventory management by utilizing a state-of-the-art solution providing real-time insights and immediate notifications for superior resource oversight. 

  • Crucial alerts for supplies and assets needing swift attention.
  • Life cycle management to enhance inventory control processes.
  • Timely reminders for inspection and maintenance operations.
  • Proactive notifications for assets and supplies moving out of the facility. 

Smart Inventory


Adopt a next-generation inventory monitoring solution that sends automated alerts for consumption and reordering of supplies and assets, along with alerts for the outgoing inventory. This strategic approach guarantees a secure, compliant inventory environment, successfully lowering the risk of losing those.

Attain audit preparedness for your inventory through efficient "one-click" management of daily reports and documentation. Effectively address assessment and restoration requests by efficient planning for supplies and assets, guaranteeing a smooth process.

Smart Inventory



01 Improved efficiency: Automated tracking and real-time data updates increase the speed and accuracy of inventory management, reducing manual errors and streamlining operations.

02 Cost savings: Accurate inventory tracking helps minimize stockouts, overstocking, and storage costs, resulting in overall cost reductions.

03 Enhanced decision-making: Data analytics provided by smart inventory management systems allow for better forecasting, demand planning, and resource allocation, leading to informed business decisions.

04 Better customer service: Maintaining optimal stock levels ensures timely order fulfilment and improved customer satisfaction.

05 Centralized control: A smart inventory management solution allows for seamless integration and management of assets across multiple locations, simplifying the overall process.

06 Real-time visibility: Access to real-time inventory data enables quick response to changes in demand, minimizing stock discrepancies and maximizing resource utilization.

07 Compliance and safety: Automated alerts for maintenance, inspections, and regulatory compliance help maintain a safe and compliant inventory environment.

08 Scalability: Smart inventory management solutions can easily adapt to growing business needs, ensuring a future-proof system.

09 Reduced risk of theft and loss: Efficient tracking of assets and supplies minimizes the risk of theft, loss, or misplacement.

10 Environmental benefits: Optimized inventory management can reduce waste and overproduction, contributing to a more sustainable supply chain.


Reduction in downtime due to streamlining
(Source: ARC Advisory group)
Reduce inventory holding costs by up to
resulting in lower operational expenses (source: Energy Central)
improvement in asset utilization
(Source: Accenture)
reduction in asset management costs for energy distribution companies by streamlining the tracking and maintenance of assets
(source: Energy Central)
Reduce unplanned outages by providing real-time data on asset conditions and facilitating proactive maintenance
(source: Electric Light & Power)
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, copper theft from utility infrastructure costs the industry up to $1 billion annually.
Efficient tracking of assets and materials can help minimize such losses.

N-Smart is a combination of modular cloud platforms and mobile apps that enable IoT solutions - delivered as a service.

For more information about the platform, contact our team of experts.