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01 City & Government

Envisioning a secure, resilient, sustainable future with equitable access, Smart City empowers the cause of individuals and communities.

Governments strive hard to create better opportunities and living standards for their citizens. We bridge your vision with the future by embracing the power of IoT. Cities and governments trust us as partners to make cities safer, secured, and connected to help people thrive. Our Capabilities and Solutions for Cities and Government includes Smart Emergency Services and Smart Community.

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02 Utilities & Infrastructure

Deliver always-on services, improve resilience, and customer satisfaction.

Utilities and Infrastructure companies strive hard to improve service quality while lowering costs for the citizens. We bridge your vision with the future by embracing the power of IoT. Utilities and Infrastructure companies trust us as partners to reinvent services for real-time visibility, control and delivered quality. Our solution caters to efficient management of Water, Energy, Waste and Lighting.

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03 Transportation & Logistics

Make your roadways, railroads, airports, and ports more connected and efficient.

Transportation of the future is about safer, more secure, efficient infrastructure, automotive, and maritime vessels. Reimagine transportation where traffic congestion, accidents, and security breaches are concerns of the past. We help you reinvent transportation for anywhere, anytime connectivity and operational efficiency. Our broad spectrum of services covers intelligent management of traffic, parking, airports and marine commerce.

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04 Public Health & Safety

Strive for a cleaner, healthier ecosystem where care is always reliable and affordable.

Both the current and future generations deserve a safe, clean and healthy environment. The importance of efficient and resilient healthcare and a safer environment is felt now more than ever. We bridge your vision with the future by embracing the power of IoT. Our Capabilities and Solutions for Healthcare and Safety includes Smart Hospitals and Smart Environment.

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05 Intelligent Industries

Digitally enable manufacturing and produces – from farmlands to the factories

Align your industrial business with the future. Maximize productivity and profitability. Gain real-time visibility and control. We bridge your vision with the future by embracing the power of IoT. Our Capabilities and Solutions for Intelligent Industries caters to Farming, Asset Management, Supply Chain and Factories.

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Monetizing IoT

We consistently hear from enterprises how complex it is to deploy, integrate, and manage IoT. It's complexity takes time and focus away from their core business. Our complete suite of IoT solutions and out-of-the-box services addresses a critical gap in the marketplace to make IoT adoption easier.

Product Suite

N-View enables you to assess reliable IoT connectivity to determine ideal sensor locations. It adds the intelligence on network health to your existing IoT deployment workflows to improve performance and efficiencies.

N-Smart is a fully managed global IoT-as-a-service solution to seamlessly deploy, enrich, and manage your IoT assets and services at scale.

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