A New Era of Grid Reliability

Intelligent Outage Assessment and Smart Service Restoration

The road ahead is exciting as IoT and digital community continue to evolve. But the foundation has been set with smart utilities - the key building blocks for the sustainable, connected future of communities around the globe. The possibilities are endless when utilities get smart with N-Smart.

How IoT Solutions Are Transforming Utilities.

Utility companies are turning to IoT solutions to optimize operations, reduce costs, and improve the customer experience. IoT platforms provide data-driven insights that enable utilities to automate processes, predict infrastructure failures before they happen, and gain visibility into energy usage across their networks.

01 Smart Pole Monitoring:  An advanced IoT solution empowering utility companies to cut costs through remote alerts for pole functionality issues and real-time tool tracking, ensuring efficient problem-solving and proactive assistance.

02 Smart Asset Management:  Optimize asset management and enhance efficiency with N-Smart's IoT solution. Gain real-time insights on tool availability and calibration, track tool-equipped trucks from your smartphone, and ensure your tools are always where you need them when you need them.

03 Smart Inventory Managaement:  Achieve total clarity on utility tools and assets with N-Smart's IoT inventory management solution. Real-time tracking of stock availability reduces costs, enables online tool requests, and ensures full oversight for utility companies.

Why Utilities Need IoT Now

The smart grid is a pivotal component in enabling the efficient functioning of modern smart cities. To meet the growing demands, optimize costs, and promote sustainability, utility companies must embrace advanced technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) for their outage management and grid operations.

In the context of smart grids and efficient outage management for utilities, N-Smart IoT emerges as a crucial solution. Utility companies must embrace this cutting-edge technology to meet rising demands, optimize costs, and enhance sustainability, all while empowering smart cities with seamless power supply.

N-Smart IoT solutions can significantly decrease operational and maintenance costs for utilities through:

01 Automated Meter Reading (AMR): Remotely monitoring meters eliminates the need for manual meter readings and estimates.

02 Predictive maintenance: Sensors detect early signs of wear or failure in equipment and infrastructure to enable proactive maintenance and reduce expensive repairs or downtime.

03 Improved energy efficiency: Analytics provide insights into energy usage patterns and inefficiencies to optimize generation and distribution.

04 Enhanced safety: Sensors and monitoring enable early detection of dangerous events like storms, power outages, or equipment malfunctions.

Reduced Operational Costs

Increased Revenue

IoT also presents new opportunities for revenue through:

01 Time-of-Use billing: Tracking detailed energy usage data allows for dynamic pricing models based on demand and generation costs.

02 Improve Asset Management: IoT sensors on utility infrastructure like transformers, substations, and power lines provide data on critical assets' operating status and condition. Utilities gain insights into maintenance and replacement needs before failures occur.

03 New products and services: Data collected from smart meters and sensors enable utilities to offer customers additional products like home energy management or utility-integrated EV charging.

Unlocking the Potential of Smart Grids: Enhancing Outage Management for Utility Companies

As utility companies embrace IoT solutions, they gain access to a transformative smart grid ecosystem.

Adopting IoT technologies is crucial for utility companies seeking to revolutionize their outage management systems. Utility providers can enhance efficiency, responsiveness, and customer satisfaction by integrating N-Smart's IoT solution into their grids, creating a smarter and more reliable power distribution network.

N-Smart is a combination of modular cloud platforms and mobile apps that enable IoT solutions - delivered as a service.

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