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Smart Assets

Reduce inventory costs with N-Smart Assets Solution

Client Background

A leading energy provider based in the Washington DC-Baltimore region with assets, such as poles, transformers, generators, stored in the yards in addition to 1000s of supplies/materials stored inside the warehouse, currently relies on a manual asset monitoring process, causing significant operational challenges. Inaccurate tracking, overstocking, and delayed emergency responses have not only escalated operational costs but also impacted customer satisfaction.

The heart of the issue is the absence of an efficient, real-time asset tracking and management mechanism. Recognizing these challenges, the company aims to transition to an automated system that provides accurate real-time tracking, cost-efficiency, and swift responses to their operational needs, ensuring consistent service quality and enhanced customer trust.



Absence of real time stock visibility


Rigorous manual business process


Inexplicable asset consumption


Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness

Our Smart Assets solution gives you anywhere, anytime asset connectivity and access with enormous scalability and IT/OT integration efficacies.

N-Smart Assets solution addressed the challenges by providing:

01 Real-time visibility of assets and their availability across various locations.

02 Reduce the manual effort, human errors, and time of the supervisors in auditing and restocking the assets with automation.

03 Real-Time insights on tracking the assets to reduce the loss of revenue through pilferage.

04 Accuracy in the availability and the consumption of the assets.

05 Dynamic reporting to track and manage the assets.

06 Handling exceptions with stock assignments.



Improved visibility of assets and reduced operational costs.


Better operational efficiency, lower resource needed to manually monitor assets.


Effectively track
and manage assets.

Our assets management solution offers real-time, centralized visibility and insights to monitor and manage all aspects of your asset lifecycle remotely.

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