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Smart Tools

IoT-enabled smart tool management solution to track real-time availability and monitor calibration status of the service tools & equipment assigned to the dispatch trucks.

Client Background

A utility company that provides gas and electric distribution services to more than 2 million customers requires regular maintenance work to avoid service interruptions and prevent the worst from happening. Streamlining the operational process and having smoother service workflows are critical to keeping the utilities flowing. The company wanted to optimize its service operations by tracking and monitoring its service equipment and tools mapped to the service trucks. They have a large workforce, a fleet of more than 2000 vehicles, and over hundred thousand tools and equipment to manage.


Lack of real-time status and availability of service equipment and tools

Compliance and safety impact due to the usage of non-compliant tools

Surge in the number of unresolvable work orders and additional trips due to missing or non-compliant tools

Delays in customer service job closures impacting the

Our IoT solution, 'N-Smart,' offers a smart tool management solution that collects and processes data from every tool and equipment to provide a role-based, singlepane-of-glass view of the real-time data. The solution provides a web-based portal for service and inventory managers to centrally monitor and manage tools & equipment in the service trucks, service centers, and warehouses. The solution uses smart tags attached to the tools and equipment, an intelligent edge device scanning the tags to enable real-time tracking and remote monitoring.

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N-Smart Tools solution addressed the challenges by providing:

01 Real-time tracking, life-cycle visibility, and remote monitoring of tools & equipment

02 Improved safety and regulatory compliance with calibration cycle automation

03 Preventative maintenance of service tools & equipment, increasing their lifetime

04 Efficient management of incidents with improved services resolution times

05 Value-add to service operations with efficiencies in OPEX & CAPEX

06 Eliminated the number of trips due to missing or non-compliant tools, contributing to sustainable goals and carbon-neutral, initiatives.



Tools recovery and resource utilization


Reduction in additional Truck Rolls


Recovery of manhours spent replacing lost and non-calibrated tools


Real-time Visibility of tools and equipment’s


Safety and Compliance

Our solution N-Smart (Tools) provides a role-based, single-pane-of-glass view of the real-time tools data to field technicians, and back-office adminstrators for effective service tools life-cycle management.

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