Keep your city clean with our IoT-enabled Smart Waste management solution.

N-Smart is a single platform solution to quickly implement next-generation Smart Waste management by harnessing the power of connectivity, analytics, and cloud-based centralized monitoring.

Traditional waste management relies on waste collection and disposal schedules that are predefined and non-dynamic. Operators and truck drivers have no visibility of when waste bins are full or how to optimize the waste collection routes. This model causes wasted resources, inefficiencies, and more expenses for cities and municipalities. 

IT leaders of cities and local governments have a significant opportunity to lower these expenses by 30-60% and improve efficiencies with smart waste management.  

Smart waste management brings together the efficiencies of connected IoT sensors and cloud-based intelligence for full visibility into your complex waste infrastructure. It empowers local waste operators to dynamically schedule waste collection to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.  

Nivid’s Smart Waste management solution enables cloud-enabled centralized monitoring and management of waste information without requiring any manual intervention. Data from sensors installed inside the waste bins and sorting bins are ingested in a cloud-based application to determine fill capacity in real-time and to generate optimal routes for waste collection. 

This article showcases how one of our clients successfully lowered their waste management cost by 30-40% using Nivid’s Smart Waste management solution. 

Customer Background 

Our client, a multinational IT service and consulting company, faced multiple challenges with their legacy waste management system and needed a solution for city councils in Europe to monitor and manage waste collection, sorting, and disposal.  

Lack of Visibility: Traditional bins and sorting-depo facilities rely on predefined collection and disposal schedules. Operators and waste collectors had no visibility into fill conditions at the waste bins or into the disposal facilities. There was also no way to determine when bins were overflowing which resulted in environmental hazards. 

Resource wastage: Our client identified a significant resource wastage due to emptying bins which were not full. The trucks were operating without being fully loaded, resulting in additional trips.  

Increased cost of operation: The waste collection and disposal trucks used suboptimal routes due to the lack of route optimization capability. 


Many waste management solutions in the market use sensors installed in waster bins and consolidate data in a centralized server for planning pick up schedules. But there is another phase in waste management to make it a comprehensive solution. We delivered N-Smart’s highly versatile IoT-based Smart Waste management solution, that covers the entire lifecycle of waste management right from collection, transportation to depot and disposal at incinerator.  

Our waste management solution uses wireless sensors that help to mark fill capacity and location of the waste bins. Once the waste bins reach a pre-configured fill capacity, an alert is generated that triggers a dispatcher request to a nearby truck for waste collection and transport to a nearby depot. Similarly at the depot, we deployed sensors to get real-time data on segregated waste levels and automatically assign trucks for segregated waste pick up from depot to respective incinerator based on waste type.   

Solution outcomes 

Nivid’s flagship N-Smart Smart Waste management solution enabled our client to resolve the waste management challenges with centralized monitoring and management of waste.  

  • On-demand routing rather than following pre-defined pick-up routes. 
  • Intelligently predict waste generation using patterns and predictive analytics. 
  • Fully automated, intelligent scheduling and route planning.
  • Reduce operational costs by consolidating waste collection and avoid additional trips. 
  • Reduce gas emission and air pollution for better citizen service experience. 
  • Comprehensive reporting and dashboard for real-time data view.  
  • Cost savings of 30-40% as a result of resource optimization. 

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