IoT as a Service


Intelligence of Every'Thing'

Fully-managed IoT. One platform covers the entire lifecycle of your IoT solution. Any use case.

IoT as a Service

N-Smart is a fully managed global IoT-as-a-service solution to seamlessly deploy, enrich, and manage your IoT assets and services at scale.

The disparate layers of IoT hardware and software, the multitude of protocols and standards, and cross-layer interoperability complicate most IoT solutions. Lack of in-house expertise to manage all the layers of the solution is a top deterrent of IoT growth. Moreover, multiple point-solution vendors and large IoT CapEx outlays without a clear return on investment make enterprises think twice before they adopt IoT. N-Smart’s fully-managed, full-lifecycle support accelerates IoT success with the flexibility and efficiencies of single vendor, single platform.

N-Smart eliminates vendor complexity, provides single platform efficiencies.

One platform… to manage every aspect of your IoT solution across the entire product lifecycle.

Deploy & Connect

Increase Rol with optimized sensor placements and connectivity

Data Compute & Applications

Capture and analyze data through feature-rich API library

Manage & Monitor

Customized portal for centralized management

N-Smart provides single solution efficiencies to get connected, get insights, and manage outcomes to transform your business.

N-Smart enables centralized IoT management and operations.

Single Pane-of-Glass view to manage end-to-end.

N-Smart is a reliable and scalable solution to securely onboard, organize, track, monitor, and remotely manage connected devices at scale.

Why N-Smart?

Discover why enterprises prefer our IoT-as-a-Service solution


End-to-end support hardware, network, software, and data support. Enterprises no longer require in-house niche expertise to manage solution lifecycle intricacies.

Single vendor efficacy

Easier, less expensive, more practical to have management of devices, networks, and software bundled from a single player.

Backward Compatible

Modular, horizontal integration. Supports your legacy hardware, existing infrastructure. Full CapEx protection.

Off-the-Shelf Solutions

Vital vertical domain expertise. Modular platform to create commercial off-the-shelf verticalized solutions.

Focus on Data

Edge-to-cloud device management as a service lets you focus more on your domain-specific data to create new data-driven solutions and insights.

Open Ecosystem

Open APIs allow third-party software vendors and city application developers to plug into the management infrastructure to provide a wide range of public services and smart city capabilities.

Simplify Management

Real-time visibility in a single-pane, top-down view of all network traffic, registered nodes, and their status across one or more base stations.

De-risk your Deployment

Secure device on-/off- boarding, regular software updates, round-the-clock monitoring improve overall risk profile.

Accelerate Time-to-Market

Out-of-the-box DM solution shortens your build and test cycles. Bundle with Nivid’s connectivity offering to have network up and running immediately.

N-Smart at a Glance

01 Mobile app-based network intelligence.

02 Built-in frameworks to ingest, communicate diverse data

03 Authentication and secure provisioning

04 Optimize device connectivity

05 Real-time Maps, Analytics

06 Remote configuration and control

07 Reduce cost to deploy, triage

08 Alerts and Notifications

09 Remote monitoring and diagnostics

10 Resilient performance

11 Open APIs

12 Over the air upgrades

13 Built-in tools to validate design

14 Scale across verticals

15 Service Management

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