IoT as a Service platform: Accelerate the journey from connectivity to business transformation

With the increasing world population and the concept of urbanization, countries around the world are looking for equipping their cities. The city of the future should respond to challenges of urbanization, evolving threats, and aging infrastructure. IoT as a technology has already been recognized as one of the key drivers for Smart city initiatives. City administrators can identify emerging crisis, evaluate them, and appropriately respond quickly and efficiently.

However, it presents formidable challenges to government agencies for managing sensor deployments, connectivity technologies, disparate data sources, security risks and privacy concerns. Government agencies require industry collaboration to assess the needs and develop the systems to create innovative smart city resilient solutions.

IoT is complex with a fusion of technologies using sensors, connected networks, data storage and processing. It requires multiple layers of technology stacks, with varied skillsets for integration, and operations. Our IoT as a Service solution “N-Smart” addresses these critical gaps to make IoT adoption easier.

N-Smart, is a single sourced, fully managed IoT-as-a-Service platform that offers turnkey IoT solutions including the full lifecycle services in a subscription-based model. It is an any-to-any solution that combines hardware, connectivity, platform, and services in a single pane of view dashboard to simplify and accelerate Smart City applications.

N-Smart uses a lifecycle-based approach consisting of 3 phases. First- Deployment and Connectivity; Second- Data Management, Applications and Analytics; Third- Operations and Management. The framework is an intelligent network of smart connected objects that transmit data using various communication technologies to a centralized platform.

The system receives, analyses, and manages data in real-time to help municipalities, enterprises, and citizens make better decisions that improve life quality. Adding artificial intelligence to the data transforms traditional city life for citizens, residences, commerce, and widespread urban infrastructure.  AI emulates actions and can foresee conflict areas, improve public safety, take measures during emergencies, and improve traffic in real-time. Using N-Smart, the smart cities of the future will make our communities smarter, stronger, and more resilient.

Internet-of-Things (IoT) is an eminent technology for realizing Smart City vision. Accelerate IoT solution deployment with scalability, flexibility, security and efficiencies of single vendor, single platform for any Smart city use case. Deliver a unified platform to manage end-to-end IoT solution lifecycle to make IoT adoption easier, with quick ROI and enhanced citizen services. Connect with our experts and learn more about our IoT as a Service platform and accelerate the journey from connectivity to business transformation.

Nivid Technologies is a leading Network Transformation and Infrastructure management company, focused on delivering technology ‘as-a-service’ covering strategy, design, implementation, and managed services. We offer the latest in wireless technologies (WLAN, Cellular and IoT) and system integration services to deliver results that redefine the business value for an enterprise, offering mobility and analytics as strategic differentiators.

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