Smart Factories: Transformation with IoT

With the rise in automation needs across industries, disruptive technologies such as Internet of Things, Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning are being utilized at global level. Specifically manufacturing sector using data from connected sensors has unleashed the benefits of “Digital Twins” to transform factories into Smart factories.

 “A digital twin is a digital representation of an object, process or a system” using real-time data collected from sensors to unlock operational intelligence using AI and ML for data assisted decision making and increase operational efficiency. Other benefits include enhanced plant performance, predictive analytics for future planning, better inventory management, employee safety, cost and resource optimization.

Nivid’s N-Smart solution for factories provides all-round process visibility and control to continuously improve manufacturing process. N-Smart is a single sourced, fully managed IoT-as-a-Service platform that offers turnkey IoT solutions including the full lifecycle services in a subscription-based model. It is an any-to-any solution that combines hardware, connectivity, platform, and services in a single pane of view dashboard to simplify and accelerate Smart Factory use cases.

N-Smart uses a lifecycle-based approach consisting of 3 phases. First- Deployment and Connectivity; Second- Data Management, Applications and Analytics; Third- Operations and Management. The framework is an intelligent network of smart connected objects that transmit data using various communication technologies to a centralized platform. The system receives, analyses, and manages data in real-time to help technology, production and business teams to make better decisions that improve overall factory performance and increases lifetime of machines, equipment’s, and assets.

Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Digital Twins are eminent technologies for realizing Smart Factory vision. Learn more about our IoT as a Service platform and accelerate the journey from connectivity to business transformation. Connect with our IoT experts now.

Nivid Technologies is a leading solutions provider of digital ready technology infrastructure, focused on delivering technology ‘as-a-service’ covering strategy, design, implementation, and managed services. We offer the latest in wireless technologies (WLAN, Cellular and IoT) and system integration services to deliver results that redefine the business value for an enterprise, offering mobility and analytics as strategic differentiators, enabling enterprises on a global scale to grow strategically & economically.

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